Terms of use

Terms of Use

The terms of use change from time to time, and in the event of such changes, Shumookh will display notifications for the user to be aware of. The user’s continued use of the Shumookh website is based on acceptance of these terms and conditions of use, as amended from time to time for better service and higher quality. Any violation of this agreement by the customer / subscriber may subject his account to suspension without prior notice and without any refund in some cases.

User Protection

– The registered user of Shumookh is obligated to be over 18 years of age, and Shumookh may request documents to prove this if necessary.

– In the event that the customer is not satisfied with the service and we are unable to prove the provision of the service, the customer must inform the technical support and the site will return the amount in full if the site management decides to do so. .

– Recovering the amounts paid via PayPal in case of problems is by communicating with the technical support of Shumookh  it is the shortest and best way to guarantee your rights, and it is not by submitting a complaint to PayPal because it is considered a kind from fraud as long as the customer did not submit a clear complaint to Shumookh.

Reasons for Shumukh account suspension:

– Shumookh reserves the right to freeze or permanently suspend any account. Suspension of accounts is due to illegal or inappropriate use of the site’s services.

– Users may receive a warning due to a violation of the Terms and Conditions or any inappropriate use of the Site. The alert is received by the user on the site or via the associated e-mail. The alert does not stop the activity of the account, but it may lead to the suspension of the account permanently, depending on the severity of the violation.

– Violation of the terms of use in  Shumukh may lead to permanent account suspension.

–  Any violation of the condition or clause of  Shumukh.

– Harming Shumookh or its users by any means, as well as stealing from or damaging anything belonging to Shumookh.

– publish in textual or unclear form any private information that is not available to other than the user himself

– Stolen PayPal account used.

– Use more than one account

– Use a stolen credit card to pay.

– Use the same payment method on more than one account.

– Offending any other user or party inside or outside Shumookh in any way.

– Attempting to defraud Shumookh or its users in any way.

– Repeating more than one violation of the terms of Shumookh website, or repeatedly adding the user to his means of communication, or violating services.

– Writing topics or spam comments on Shumookh.

– Using messages before purchasing in violation such as: external communication, promoting services, spam, inconvenience, asking about any matter not related to the service being inquired about, exchanging services instead of buying.</ p>

– Impersonate someone else.

– The process of canceling services by the client without a clear reason.

– Register with a different username such as: malicious name, phone number, email, website address, names that contain the word professional or trusted, specifying the type of services as a username such as translation, marketing, Design… and any name that may cause confusion or mislead the site

– Buyer requests services in violation of Shumoukh’s terms

– It is forbidden to advertise the services and any other content on the site

– Develop or use any Shumookh Platform or account management software.

Prohibited services:

Requests that violate Shumookh’s terms and conditions will be deleted and a notification will be sent to the user with a message to his e-mail explaining the reason for refusing the service, knowing that Shumookh has the right to delete the service it deems in violation of the terms without giving a reason So.

Political Services, Sectarianism.

– Requests to incite governments and states  Encouraging terrorism, racism and spreading sedition

– Requests  contrary to the laws of countries, the conditions of other sites related to them, or the teachings of Islam.

– Requests for fatwas and legal ruqyahs and requests related to them, as it is not possible to guarantee that they will be submitted by specialists.

– Cracks for software, books and any product that is pirated or violates the rights of others, Shumookh is not responsible for it, and can cancel it.

– Completely copied requests from other people.

– Hacking tutorials